Jul 17 – 22, 2022
Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto
America/Toronto timezone

Photon storage in an interrupted waveguide

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1h 30m
Abstract of recent or ongoing work (by remote / virtual participant) Quantum optics and hybrid quantum systems Abstracts by remote participants


Cold atoms are useful for many quantum information applications. Their strong interactions with light give them many uses in atom-photon junctions. However, one difficulty with cold atoms is integrating them with waveguides and other photonic devices. Here we demonstrate a method that involves trapping the atoms inside a laser drilled hole through an optical fibre. By carefully selecting the geometry of the cavity, one can tune the transmission of light through it, with parabolic convex surfaces having the greatest transmission.
Once the atoms are trapped in the fibre, they can be used to demonstrate many interesting and useful phenomena. Our goal is to demonstrate electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT); which allows not just for control over the transparency of the atoms, but also leads to slow light effects and even photon storage.

Presenter name David Johnson
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Primary authors

David Johnson (University of Nottingham) Dr Lucia Hackermuller (University of Nottingham) Dr Nathan Cooper (University of Nottingham) Mr Daniele Baldolini (University of Nottingham) Mr Matt Overton (University of Nottingham)

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