Jul 17 – 22, 2022
Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto
America/Toronto timezone

Quantum gas microscopy of triangular lattice Mott insulators

Jul 21, 2022, 5:00 PM
1h 30m
Hart House (Hart House)

Hart House

Hart House

7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3
Poster presentation Degenerate gases, many-body physics, and quantum simulation Poster session


Frustrated quantum systems can host quasi-particles with fractional statistics and pose significant challenges to condensed matter theory due to their extensive ground state degeneracy. Here, we aim at quantum simulation of electronic systems on triangular lattice geometries using ultracold atoms in a quantum gas microscope.
We present the site-resolved imaging of fermionic lithium atoms in our novel triangular optical lattice geometry and the realization of Mott insulators in the triangular lattice. Our experiment allows for the preparation of triangular Hubbard systems of several hundred atoms and we image these systems with 98% detection fidelity. We report on our progress in characterizing triangular Hubbard systems using site-resolved density and correlation observables in the experiment and discuss comparisons of experimental data to Numerical Linked Cluster Expansion calculations as well as Quantum Monte Carlo simulations.
Our new experimental platform opens the path for studies of kinetic frustration, searches for spin-liquids and investigations of transport properties in frustrated lattices.

Presenter name Peter Schauss
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Primary author

Peter Schauss (University of Virginia)

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