Jul 17 – 22, 2022
Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto
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Update of the JILA Gen. III eEDM Experiment

Jul 21, 2022, 5:00 PM
1h 30m
Hart House (Hart House)

Hart House

Hart House

7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3
Poster presentation Precision measurement and tests of fundamental physics Poster session


The Standard Model of particle physics is one of the most successful models that we use to describe the universe, yet it is known to be incomplete. Substantial efforts on the theoretical front introduce new physics through extensions of the Standard Model, and these new physics models make predictions on the value of the electric dipole moment of the electron (eEDM). Measurements of (or improved limit on) the eEDM places constraints on these new theories. The eEDM experiments at JILA take advantage of the long trapping time of ions to tap the long coherence times of the eEDM-sensitive states in our molecular ions of choice: HfF$^+$ and ThF$^+$. The ongoing experiment using HfF$^+$ is an upgraded version of our 2017 experiment [1], using a bigger trap for more ions, amongst other improvements for better statistics. The upcoming experiment using ThF$^+$ has wrapped up spectroscopy of the molecule [2,3,4], and we are now setting up a prototype experiment to demonstrate much longer coherence times than HfF$^+$, promised to us by the eEDM-sensitive ground state in ThF$^+$ [2,4]. Herein, we provide a teaser on the demonstration of long coherence times in ThF$^+$.

[1] W. B. Cairncross, D. N. Gresh, M. Grau, K. C. Cossel, T. S. Roussy, Y. Ni, Y. Zhou, J. Ye, and E. A. Cornell, Precision Measurement of the Electron’s Electric Dipole Moment Using Trapped Molecular Ions, Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 153001 (2017).
[2] D. N. Gresh, K. C. Cossel, Y. Zhou, J. Ye, and E. A. Cornell, Broadband velocity modulation spectroscopy of ThF+ for use in a measurement of the electron electric dipole moment, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 319, 1 (2016).
[3] Y. Zhou, K. B. Ng, L. Cheng, D. N. Gresh, R. W. Field, J. Ye, and E. A. Cornell, Visible and ultraviolet laser spectroscopy of ThF, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 358, 1 (2019).
[4] K. B. Ng, Y. Zhou, L. Cheng, N. Schlossberger, S. Y. Park, T. S. Roussy, L. Caldwell, Y. Shagam, A. J. Vigil, E. A. Cornell, and J. Ye, Spectroscopy on the electron-electric-dipole-moment–sensitive states of ThF$^+$, Phys. Rev. A 105, 022823

Presenter name Kia Boon Ng
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Primary authors

Kia Boon Ng (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Noah Schlossberger (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Sun Yool Park (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Anzhou Wang (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Benjamin Hunt (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Tanya Roussy (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Trevor Wright (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Antonio Vigil (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Gustavo Santaella (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Luke Caldwell (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Prof. Jun Ye (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder) Prof. Eric Cornell (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder)

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