The 27th International Conference on Atomic Physics

from Sunday, 17 July 2022 (14:00) to Friday, 22 July 2022 (14:00)
Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto (Koerner Hall)

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Plenary session (until 17:00) (Koerner Hall)
Poster session (until 18:30) (Hart House)
17:00 A mobile impurity strongly driven in a Fermi sea   (Hart House)
17:00 An Optical Atomic Clock Based on a Highly Charged Ion   (Hart House)
17:00 Aquila: a field-programmable atom array on the cloud   (Hart House)
17:00 Can a photon cause atoms to be excited for a negative amount of time? (experimental progress)   (Hart House)
17:00 Catalyzation and domain supersolidity in binary dipolar condensates   (Hart House)
17:00 Catching a particle inside a barrier   (Hart House)
17:00 Cavity-QED Quantum Simulator of Random Spin Models   (Hart House)
17:00 Cold Ion-Molecule Reactions Relevant to Astrochemistry   (Hart House)
17:00 Collective Radiative Dynamics of an Ensemble of Cold Atoms Coupled to an Optical Waveguide   (Hart House)
17:00 Control and Entanglement of Rydberg Atoms near a Nanophotonic Device   (Hart House)
17:00 Detection of Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition via Generative Adversarial Networks   (Hart House)
17:00 Developing a high-resolution Doppler broadening spectroscopy for cold positronium   (Hart House)
17:00 Development of a Deep-ultraviolet Chirped Pulse Laser for Doppler Cooling of Positronium   (Hart House)
17:00 Development towards a hybrid quantum repeater   (Hart House)
17:00 Dilute quantum liquid in a K-Rb Bose mixture   (Hart House)
17:00 Dynamic cryogenic radiation shield for sub-$10^{-19}$ blackbody radiation shift uncertainty in optical lattice clocks   (Hart House)
17:00 Dynamics following an interaction quench in the BEC-BCS crossover and machine-learning the phase diagram   (Hart House)
17:00 Dynamics in a spin imbalanced gas of Li6   (Hart House)
17:00 EDMcubed (Electric Dipole measurement using Molecules in a Matrix): Towards a measurement of the electron electric dipole moment using BaF molecules embedded in a solid Ar matrix   (Hart House)
17:00 Effects of pump pulse length on photon number in quantum dot emission   (Hart House)
17:00 Efficient production of an array of fully-quantum-state-controlled polar molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Emergent atom pump in a non-hermitian system   (Hart House)
17:00 Emergent Spin Dynamics in a Superradiant Quantum Gas: From dynamical tunnelling to atomic mode parametric amplifiers   (Hart House)
17:00 Enhancing production of slow beams of laser-coolable molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Evaluation of the blackbody radiation shift uncertainty of the NRC strontium ion clock   (Hart House)
17:00 Experiment and theory for a helium tune-out frequency: an independent test of quantum electrodynamics   (Hart House)
17:00 Experimental Upgrades For Improving Statistical And Systematic Uncertainties In ACME III   (Hart House)
17:00 Exploring the Lithium Few-Body Puzzle with the DITRIS Interferometer and with Minimal Multi-Channel Models   (Hart House)
17:00 Fast Preparation and Detection of a Rydberg Qubit Using Atomic Ensembles   (Hart House)
17:00 From a polaron into a cluster: the fate of an impurity in a Bose-Einstein condensate   (Hart House)
17:00 From superradiance to subradiance : exploring the many-body Dicke Ladder   (Hart House)
17:00 Generation of photons from vacuum in cavity via time-modulation of a qubit invisible to the field - Alexandre Dodonov (University of Brasilia)   (Hart House)
17:00 High-Precision Mass Measurements of Light Atomic Nuclei: The Helium-4 Atomic Mass   (Hart House)
17:00 Integrability, ultracold matter and quantum sensing   (Hart House)
17:00 Interferometry on the Clock Transition in Sr-87 with Entangled Atoms in Momentum State Superpositions   (Hart House)
17:00 Laser cooling AlCl molecules in the deep-ultraviolet   (Hart House)
17:00 Laser cooling Cd atoms and AlF molecules in the deep UV   (Hart House)
17:00 Low-Phase-Noise Diode Laser Systems for the STIRAP transfer of Ultracold $^6$Li$^{40}$K Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Many-body Quantum Necklace States in Waveguide QED   (Hart House)
17:00 Measurement-Based Quantum Machine Learning   (Hart House)
17:00 Measurement-only phase transitions in 2D via non-commuting two qubit measurements   (Hart House)
17:00 Mollow Triplet in optically trapped single atom   (Hart House)
17:00 Muonium 1S-2S spectroscopy with improved statistics   (Hart House)
17:00 New Applications and Current Limitations of Rydberg Sensors   (Hart House)
17:00 New Perspectives on Quantum Transition Times: The Tunneling Flight Time - Tom Rivlin (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Hart House)
17:00 Next-Generation Strontium Ion Optical Atomic Clocks   (Hart House)
17:00 Novel Quantum Control Methods in a Rubidium-87 Bose-Einstein Condensate   (Hart House)
17:00 On Demand Formation of Polar Core Vortices in Ferromagnetic Spinor Bose Einstein Condensates   (Hart House)
17:00 On the prospects of optical cycling in diatomic cations: Effects of transition metals, spin-orbit couplings, and multiple bonds   (Hart House)
17:00 One- and two-axis squeezing via laser coupling in an atomic Fermi-Hubbard model - Tanausú Hernández Yanes (Institute of Physics PAS, Aleja Lotnikow 32/46, 02-668 Warszawa, Poland)   (Hart House)
17:00 Orbital Feshbach Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Parametric excitations in a quantum gas with Bogoliuvob-de Gennes method   (Hart House)
17:00 Progress in experimental control of trapped ion motional states with applications for CVQC and quantum sensing*   (Hart House)
17:00 Progress Towards Precision Measurements in Trapped Polyatomic Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum computing with metastable states in trapped Barium ions   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum Control of Ultracold NaCs Ground State Molecules - Weijun Yuan (Columbia University)   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum Rabi dynamics of trapped atoms far in the deep strong coupling regime   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum simulation with Rydberg states of lanthanide atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Rabi vector magnetometry implemented with hot alkali vapor   (Hart House)
17:00 Rapid Quantum Squeezing by Jumping the Harmonic Oscillator Frequency   (Hart House)
17:00 Scalable arrays of micro-fabricated Penning traps for quantum computation and simulation   (Hart House)
17:00 Simulating Gauge Theories in $1+1$d with Bosonic Quantum Circuits   (Hart House)
17:00 Simultaneous trapping and cooling of sodium and potassium atoms towards quantum degeneracy - Mr Sagar Sutradhar (Ph.D. Student)   (Hart House)
17:00 Size-energy universality in van der Waals self-bound systems   (Hart House)
17:00 Spin-charge separation in a 1D Fermi gas with tunable interactions   (Hart House)
17:00 Symmetry-violating properties for precision measurements in diatomic molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Synthetic Dimensions of Trap States in cold atoms - Aaron Smith (The University of Birmingham)   (Hart House)
17:00 The integration of 2D atomic arrays with photonic crystal waveguides   (Hart House)
17:00 Toward the realization of single quantum impurities in a new ultracold ytterbium experiment   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a compound $^{27}$Al$^+$ - $^{40}$Ca$^+$ and multi-ion $^{40}$Ca$^+$ clock   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a continuous wave superradiant calcium laser   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards nano-structured potentials: coupling of an ultra cold atomic gas with a surface and sub-wavelength imaging.   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards the creation of ultracold, neutral plasmas with oppositely charged particles of equal mass via long-range Rydberg molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Ultrafast Rydberg experiments with ultracold atoms in optical tweezers   (Hart House)
17:00 Universal Properties of Anisotropic Dipolar Bosons in Two Dimensions   (Hart House)
17:00 What Does Entanglement Sudden Death Require?   (Hart House)
Plenary session (until 15:10) (Koerner Hall)
15:10 --- Break ---
Plenary session (until 17:00) (Koerner Hall)
Poster session (until 18:30) (Hart House)
17:00 A cold and slow beam of CH radicals for laser cooling and trapping experiments   (Hart House)
17:00 A modified variational method for a quantum gas in a constrained surface   (Hart House)
17:00 A novel trapped-ion quantum computer using optical tweezers and electric fields   (Hart House)
17:00 A performance bound for quantum thermal machines   (Hart House)
17:00 A programmable quantum simulator with two-electron Rydberg atoms in optical tweezer arrays   (Hart House)
17:00 A simplified cold Sr experiment for cavity-based quantum simulation - Jakob Reichel (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel)   (Hart House)
17:00 A single cold atom as a single-photon detector.   (Hart House)
17:00 A transportable cold atom accelerometer for inertial navigation   (Hart House)
17:00 Accurate and complete atomic data set for Cd XLVII   (Hart House)
17:00 An Experiment to Measure the Electron's Electric Dipole Moment Using an Ultracold Beam of YbF Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Atmospheric channel measurements for long-range optical time transfer and quantum state dissemination   (Hart House)
17:00 Atomic arrays driven by broadband squeezed light   (Hart House)
17:00 Atomic spin-controlled non-reciprocal Raman amplification of fibre-guided light   (Hart House)
17:00 Benchmarking a large-scale quantum simulator with useful applications   (Hart House)
17:00 Binary collisions between quantum droplets: role of the Weber number   (Hart House)
17:00 Collective effects in dissipative quantum cellular automata   (Hart House)
17:00 Connecting Quantum Information Scrambling with Entanglement Enhanced Metrology   (Hart House)
17:00 Correlation spectroscopy of a planar 91-ion crystal in a novel monolithic Paul trap   (Hart House)
17:00 Correlations in the process of strong field ionization   (Hart House)
17:00 Dipolar quantum droplets and supersolids - T Pfau (5. Physikalisches Institut and Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology (IQST), Universität Stuttgart, Germany)   (Hart House)
17:00 Efimov universalities, Bose polarons and turbulence with ultracold 39K in a 3D box trap   (Hart House)
17:00 Electric-field measurement in cold ion clouds - Mr Alisher Duspayev (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)   (Hart House)
17:00 Electron spin resonance spectroscopy using optically trapped polyatomic molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Enhancing fiber atom interferometer by in-fiber laser cooling   (Hart House)
17:00 Enriching the quantum toolbox of ultracold molecules with Rydberg atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Experimental Quantum Control on IBM Quantum System   (Hart House)
17:00 Fabrication of atomic vapor cell for atomic sensors - Dr Sin Hyuk Yim (Agency for Defemse Development)   (Hart House)
17:00 Functionalized Aromatic Molecules for Laser Cooling and Trapping   (Hart House)
17:00 High precision eigenvalues for the Rydberg S-states of helium for principal quantum numbers n > 10 - Lamies Sati (University of Windsor)   (Hart House)
17:00 High Speed THz Imaging with Rydberg Atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Higher-order effects of electric quadrupole fields on a single Rydberg ion   (Hart House)
17:00 Imprinting persistent currents in fermionic superfluid rings   (Hart House)
17:00 In-beam hyperfine spectroscopy of (anti-)hydrogen for tests of CPT and Lorentz invariance   (Hart House)
17:00 Investigating ultracold collisions with $^{23}$Na$^{39}$K ground-state molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Investigation of laser frequency offset on nonlinear conversion in Lyman-alpha laser system   (Hart House)
17:00 Large spin atoms in optical lattices : spin textures and correlations   (Hart House)
17:00 Low uncertainty absolute frequency measurement of the strontium ion optical clock transition   (Hart House)
17:00 Magnetically mediated hole pairing in fermionic ladders of ultracold atoms - Thomas Chalopin (Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics)   (Hart House)
17:00 Mesoscopic transport with a weakly-interacting Bose gas   (Hart House)
17:00 Micro-integrated laser and frequency reference modules for operation in quantum technology applications   (Hart House)
17:00 Multimode microwave-to-optical conversion in warm 87-Rb atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Nanostructured Alkali-Metal Vapor Cells - Tom Cutler (Durham University)   (Hart House)
17:00 Narrowband biphoton source of maximal spectral brightness at ultralow pump power   (Hart House)
17:00 Nonequilbrium states of driven-dissipative quantum gases   (Hart House)
17:00 Observation of Stochastic Wavefunction Evolution from Dispersively Measured Bose-Einstein Condensates   (Hart House)
17:00 Observation of two-photon induced fluorescence of neutral carbon atom gases   (Hart House)
17:00 Precision calculation of polarizability of heavy ions and atoms for physisorption with 2D materials - Ms Harpreet Kaur (Guru Nanak Dev University)   (Hart House)
17:00 Progress on the CeNTREX TlF Schiff Moment Search   (Hart House)
17:00 Progress on Zeeman slowing of CaF   (Hart House)
17:00 Progress Towards Measuring the Nuclear Magnetic Quadrupole Moment in YbOH Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum Correction to Josephson Oscillations   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum science with programmable Strontium arrays in a Hubbard lattice - Aaron Young (JILA)   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum sensor networks as exotic field telescopes for multi-messenger astronomy   (Hart House)
17:00 Realization of a ferromagnet in an atomic superfluid   (Hart House)
17:00 Relativistic corrections to two-photon decay rates in heliumlike ions   (Hart House)
17:00 Rotation Sensing Using Point Source Atom Interferometry   (Hart House)
17:00 Rydberg Engineering: Recent Techniques for Sensitive Field Measurements   (Hart House)
17:00 Self-pinning transition in a mixture of two non-identical Luttinger Liquids   (Hart House)
17:00 Silicon-photomultiplier embedded photodetector for ACME III   (Hart House)
17:00 Site-Resolved Imaging of a bosonic Mott insulator of 7Li atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Site-resolved rotational state control of an optical tweezer array of ultracold dipolar molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Striped Self-Bound Dipolar Droplets   (Hart House)
17:00 Switching a monolayer atomic mirror using a single Rydberg atom   (Hart House)
17:00 Systematic effects in eEDM searches with BaF   (Hart House)
17:00 Tests of King's Linearity in Ca+   (Hart House)
17:00 Time-dependent variational Monte Carlo study of the dynamic response of bosons in an optical lattice   (Hart House)
17:00 Tomography of Feshbach Resonance States   (Hart House)
17:00 Topological Electromagnetic Effects and Higher Second Chern Numbers in FourDimensional Gapped Phases   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a Fermi Gas Microscope with Tunable Lattice Geometry   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a new search for hadronic CP violation using ultracold assembled $^{223}$FrAg molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a strontium quantum gas microscope   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a two-photon optical clock in calcium   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards Microwave Shielding of Ultracold SrF Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards strong photon-photon interactions via cold atoms trapped near a slow-mode photonic crystal waveguide   (Hart House)
17:00 Transport in the 2D Fermi-Hubbard model: Lessons from weak coupling   (Hart House)
17:00 Tunneling Times and Interaction-Driven Spin Rotations in a Two-component BEC   (Hart House)
17:00 Unitary fermionic p-wave interactions in a 3D optical lattice.   (Hart House)
17:00 Update of the JILA Gen. II eEDM Experiment   (Hart House)
17:00 Vector magnetometry with microwave-assisted optical pumping in warm Rb atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Wave turbulence in a homogenous 2D Bose gas   (Hart House)
ICAP x TRIUMF -Prof. Amar Vutha (University of Toronto) (until 13:45) (25)
Plenary session (until 15:10) (Koerner Hall)
15:10 --- Coffee break ---
Plenary session (until 17:00) (Koerner Hall)
Poster session (until 18:30) (Hart House)
17:00 A cold atom gyroscope for inertial navigation   (Hart House)
17:00 A cryogenic neutral atom optical tweezer array   (Hart House)
17:00 A new experiment on atomic tweezer arrays in a cryostat   (Hart House)
17:00 A Quantum Gas Microscope for RbCs and KCs Rovibration Ground State Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 A transportable Yb optical lattice clock   (Hart House)
17:00 Accurate and complete atomic data set for helium-like ions using Relativistic Configuration Interaction approach for singly and doubly excited states with Z = 5 - 9   (Hart House)
17:00 An eEDM sensitive experiment using BaF molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Ancillary transitions in $^{171}$Yb$^+$ ion clocks for shift evaluation and tests of fundamental physics   (Hart House)
17:00 Arrays of Cold Rydberg Atoms for Electromagnetic Fields Sensing   (Hart House)
17:00 Atom Camera: Super-resolution imaging of an optical field with a single ultracold atom in an optical tweezers   (Hart House)
17:00 Atomic magnetometry with Kalman Filters   (Hart House)
17:00 Atomic mass ratios of the proton, deuteron, triton and helium-3   (Hart House)
17:00 B-field self-cancelling devices for atomic sensors   (Hart House)
17:00 Barium-monofluoride within an argon solid: Calculations to support the EDMcubed scheme for measuring the electron electric dipole moment   (Hart House)
17:00 Blueprint for a scalable, modular, fault-tolerant quantum computer based on state-of-the-art Rydberg atom arrays and optical cavities   (Hart House)
17:00 Breakdown of topological transport in a Hubbard-Thouless pump   (Hart House)
17:00 Collective excitation and decay of waveguide-coupled atoms: from timed Dicke states to inverted ensembles   (Hart House)
17:00 Conditions for superluminal light propagation in a three-level medium   (Hart House)
17:00 Controlling reactive interactions with ultracold magnetic molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Dicke superradiance and photon statistics in waveguide QED   (Hart House)
17:00 Emergence of hydrodynamics and pairing in a two-dimensional few fermion system   (Hart House)
17:00 Engineering Multimode Entanglement among Atomic Ensembles   (Hart House)
17:00 Entanglement dynamics of bosons trapped in a 1D optical lattice - Shion Yamashika (Chuo University)   (Hart House)
17:00 Entanglement generation in multilevel atomic arrays with dipolar interactions   (Hart House)
17:00 Entanglement of the macroscopic spins of two spatially separated Bose-Einstein condensates - Paolo Colciaghi (University of Basel)   (Hart House)
17:00 Error budget in Cold Atom-based Inertial Sensors   (Hart House)
17:00 Evaluating states in trapped ions with local correlation between internal and motional degrees of freedom   (Hart House)
17:00 Evaporation and Large Arrays of Laser Cooled CaF Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Exploring sound excitations in 2D Bose gases   (Hart House)
17:00 Exploring the supersolid stripe phase in a spin-orbit coupled gas with unequal interactions   (Hart House)
17:00 Faraday waves in strongly interacting superfluids   (Hart House)
17:00 FermiQP: A Fermion Quantum Processor   (Hart House)
17:00 Feshbach-enhanced odd- and even-wave interactions between identical fermions in quasi-one-dimensional confinement   (Hart House)
17:00 Heat rectification in ion crystals   (Hart House)
17:00 How much time do resonant photons spend as atomic excitations before being transmitted?   (Hart House)
17:00 Improvements on direct-bonded copper, atom chips used for Cold-Atom Atomic Interferometry.   (Hart House)
17:00 Light-induced correlations in cold dysprosium atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Long-lived phantom helix states in Heisenberg quantum magnets   (Hart House)
17:00 Machine learning classification of two-dimensional vortex configurations.   (Hart House)
17:00 Mutual friction and diffusion of two-dimensional quantum vortices   (Hart House)
17:00 Negative absolute temperature state in a triangular optical lattice   (Hart House)
17:00 Nuclear T-violation search using octupolar nuclei in a crystal   (Hart House)
17:00 Observation of a molecular bond between ions and Rydberg atoms using a high-resolution pulsed ion microscope   (Hart House)
17:00 Observation of Cooper Pairs in a Mesoscopic 2D Fermi Gas   (Hart House)
17:00 On-chip trapped cold atom interferometer with spatial splitting   (Hart House)
17:00 Pathway to magneto-optical trapping of SrOH to probe for Dark Matter and EDMs   (Hart House)
17:00 Photoassociation Specroscopy of RbYb near the Yb intercombination lie   (Hart House)
17:00 Polyatomic ultralong range Rydberg molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Probing Hubble Attenuation and Amplification in a Expanding and Contracting Bose Einstein Condensate   (Hart House)
17:00 Programmable Interactions and Emergent Geometry in a 1D Array of Atomic Ensembles   (Hart House)
17:00 Progress towards a magneto-optical trap for MgF molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Prospects for Constraints on Nanometer-Range Non-Newtonian Gravity with a State-of-the-art Molecular Clock   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum caustics in many-body dynamics   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum nonlinear optics in atomic dual arrays   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum Optimization of Maximum Independent Set using Rydberg Atom Arrays   (Hart House)
17:00 Quasi-BIC mode lasing in a quadrumer plasmonic lattice - Grazia Salerno (Aalto University)   (Hart House)
17:00 Quasi-continuous superradiance on the kHz clock transition of 88Sr   (Hart House)
17:00 Realization of dipolar XY quantum ferro & antiferromagnets with arrays of Rydberg atoms.   (Hart House)
17:00 Rydberg Atom Interactions with an Optical Nanofiber   (Hart House)
17:00 Rydberg atoms in Bose-Einstein condensed environments: cold bubble chambers and mesoscopic entanglement - Dr Sebastian Wuster (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal)   (Hart House)
17:00 Scalable cryogenic experiment for trapped-ion quantum computing with long ion strings   (Hart House)
17:00 Scale factor corrections for point-source atom interferometer gyroscopes   (Hart House)
17:00 Shear interferometry in microgravity with atomic ensembles in the picokelvin regime   (Hart House)
17:00 Study of radiative properties of helium isoelectronic sequence   (Hart House)
17:00 Superradiance decoherence caused by long-range Rydberg-atom pair interactions   (Hart House)
17:00 Suppression of Raman interaction due to destructive interference in alkali atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Toward A 1D Chain Of Cold Rydberg Atoms Next To An Optical Nanofiber   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a dual-species tweezer array of Na and Cs atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards Implanting Radioactive Polar Molecules in a Noble Gas Matrix for Fundamental Symmetry Tests   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards magnetoassociation of the ultracold open-shell RbSr molecule   (Hart House)
17:00 Tracking the vector acceleration with a hybrid quantum accelerometer triad   (Hart House)
17:00 Training quantum denoisers   (Hart House)
17:00 Ultra-high vacuum chamber development for a Sr optical lattice clock with a Laguerre-Gaussian trapping geometry   (Hart House)
17:00 Ultracold mixtures of Cr and Li atoms: theoretical prospects for controlled atomic collisions, LiCr molecule formation, and molecular precision measurements   (Hart House)
17:00 Upgrading the transportable optical lattice clock at PTB   (Hart House)
17:00 Velocity Selective Resonances from a Novel Optical Force   (Hart House)
17:00 Very long baseline atom interferometry for tests of fundamental physics   (Hart House)
17:00 Waveguide QED with Rydberg superatoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Zeeman-Sisyphus Deceleration of Polyatomic Molecules   (Hart House)
Plenary session (until 15:10) (Koerner Hall)
15:10 --- Break ---
Plenary session (until 17:00) (Koerner Hall)
Poster session (until 18:30) (Hart House)
17:00 $0^-_g$ potential in Cs$2$, revisited: observation of missing levels.   (Hart House)
17:00 A resonance facilitated three-channel model for p-wave scattering   (Hart House)
17:00 AION: An atom interferometer observatory and network   (Hart House)
17:00 An Atomic Fabry-Perot for the Generation and Measurement of Ultracold Wavepackets   (Hart House)
17:00 An experiment to measure the electron's electric dipole moment using trapped ultracold molecules.   (Hart House)
17:00 Analyzing the hyperfine structure using the quantum orbit eccentricity   (Hart House)
17:00 Big Time Crystals in a Bouncing BEC   (Hart House)
17:00 Bosons in novel lattices: discontinuous quantum phase transitions and the Bose glass   (Hart House)
17:00 Can dipolar interaction shield dipolar relaxation?   (Hart House)
17:00 Cavity-induced density wave ordering in strongly correlated Fermi gases   (Hart House)
17:00 Characterization of high-fidelity Raman qubits   (Hart House)
17:00 Chasing the last bit of STIRAP efficiency between metastable helium and Rydberg state.   (Hart House)
17:00 Continuous Cold Strontium Atoms through a Cavity as a Frequency Standard   (Hart House)
17:00 Controlled Interactions between Ultracold KRb Molecules in Two Dimensions   (Hart House)
17:00 Creating and measuring sub-wavelength volumes using quantitative absorption imaging of optically dense ensembles   (Hart House)
17:00 Deflection of barium-monofluoride molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Dicke superradiance in arrays of multilevel atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Direct frequency comb spectroscopy with two atom species for comb laser frequency stabilization   (Hart House)
17:00 Direct Laser Cooling of YO Molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Dynamical phases of matter in a periodic driven atom-cavity system   (Hart House)
17:00 eEDM-sensitive molecules trapped in neon ice   (Hart House)
17:00 Effect of an optical dipole trap on resonant atom-light interactions   (Hart House)
17:00 Electric-field-controlled dipolar collisions between trapped polyatomic molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Engineering a Fractional Quantum Hall State of Bosons in an Optical Lattice - Mr Sooshin Kim (Harvard University)   (Hart House)
17:00 Entangling gates between bosonic qubits in trapped ions   (Hart House)
17:00 Experimental realization of classic gates on trapped-ion qubits   (Hart House)
17:00 Experimental setup for trapping and controlling large registers of barium-ion qubits   (Hart House)
17:00 Exploring topology in synthetic quantum Hall systems using atomic dysprosium   (Hart House)
17:00 Generating and detecting topological phases with higher Chern number   (Hart House)
17:00 High-precision measurements of atomic structure in Lead and other multi-valence atomic systems   (Hart House)
17:00 Interactions and ultracold scattering of Cr with Yb   (Hart House)
17:00 Interference of Bose-Einstein condensates with the Lee-Huang-Yang correction: a theoretical scheme   (Hart House)
17:00 Intra-Cavity Frequency-Doubled VECSEL System for Narrow Linewidth Rydberg EIT Spectroscopy   (Hart House)
17:00 Manipulating and measuring states of an optomechanical resonator in the quantum regime   (Hart House)
17:00 Measurements of $n$p - 2s transitions in the hydrogen atom   (Hart House)
17:00 Measuring the Chern number with weakly interacting spin-orbit-coupled Bose gases in optical lattices   (Hart House)
17:00 Measuring the n=2 triplet P fine structure of atomic helium using Frequency-Offset Separated Oscillatory Fields (FOSOF)   (Hart House)
17:00 Multi-loop atomic Sagnac interferometry   (Hart House)
17:00 NASA’s Cold Atom Laboratory: a multi-user facility for quantum gas research on the International Space Station   (Hart House)
17:00 Noisy Atomic Magnetometry in Real Time   (Hart House)
17:00 Nonequilibrium dynamics in a quenched ferromagnetic spinor Bose-Einstein condensate   (Hart House)
17:00 Observation of a continuous time crystal   (Hart House)
17:00 Observation of interaction-driven delocalization of the Anderson insulator in synthetic dimensions - Jun Hui See Toh (University of Washington, Seattle)   (Hart House)
17:00 Optical clocks with trapped $^{40}$Ca$^{+}$ and $^{27}$Al$^{+}$ ions   (Hart House)
17:00 Optical switching of an atomic Bragg mirror around a nanofiber   (Hart House)
17:00 Parameter optimization for laser slowing and magneto-optical trapping of MgF molecules via motion simulation   (Hart House)
17:00 Pattern formation in tilted optical lattices   (Hart House)
17:00 Perturbative calculation of the energy of an impurity immersed in a spin-1/2 Fermi superfluid in the Random-Phase Approximation   (Hart House)
17:00 Preparation of the Spin-Mott State: A Spinful Mott Insulator of Repulsively Bound Pairs   (Hart House)
17:00 Probing open- and closed-channel p-wave Feshbach resonances   (Hart House)
17:00 Progress towards direct laser cooling and trapping of CaH molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum Control of Motional States in Mixed-Species Trapped-Ion Crystals   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum correlated light beams from cascade four-wave mixing in cold atoms   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum gas microscopy of triangular lattice Mott insulators   (Hart House)
17:00 Quantum state control of optically trapped polyatomic molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Reconfiguration algorithms and low-latency feedback control system to prepare large configurations of atoms in two-dimensional arrays of optical traps   (Hart House)
17:00 Sagnac atom interferometer gyroscope with large enclosed area and multiple orbits   (Hart House)
17:00 Scalable Qubit Arrays for Quantum Computation and Simulation   (Hart House)
17:00 Spin dynamics in optical lattices dominated by superexchange via virtual molecules   (Hart House)
17:00 Spin-wave quantum computing with atoms in a single-mode cavity   (Hart House)
17:00 Stand-alone vacuum cell for compact ultracold quantum technologies   (Hart House)
17:00 SU(2) hadrons on a quantum computer   (Hart House)
17:00 Thermodynamics in nonequilibrium atom-field interactions - Daniel Reiche (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)   (Hart House)
17:00 Time-delayed optical feedback to a cold atom ensemble   (Hart House)
17:00 Tomography of a number-resolving detector by reconstruction of an atomic many-body quantum state   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a cw superradiant laser: Continuous strong coupling and transport of 88Sr atoms in a ring cavity   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards a single-atom array strongly coupled to an optical microcavity for multiparticle entanglement   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards Programmable Strontium Atomic Arrays with Holographic Metasurfaces   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards quantum control and spectroscopy of a single hydrogen molecular ion   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards relativistic geodesy with a transportable aluminum ion quantum logic optical clock   (Hart House)
17:00 Towards the development of an optical lattice clock using bosonic isotopes of mercury   (Hart House)
17:00 Two-beam self-oscillating OPM for low-drift high-precision DC magnetometry   (Hart House)
17:00 Ultracold fermions in optical superlattices   (Hart House)
17:00 Update of the JILA Gen. III eEDM Experiment   (Hart House)
17:00 Violation of the Leggett-Garg inequality for a Bose condensate in a double-well potential - Mr Tsubasa Sakamoto (Chuo university)   (Hart House)
17:00 Ytterbium nuclear-spin qubits in an optical tweezer array - Alec Jenkins (JILA, University of Colorado and National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Department of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder)   (Hart House)
12:30 --- Farewell ---